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We CVM Coir Substrates

22-Year Journey

We are since 22 years in coir industryservice world class products
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100% Natural

Our products , are 100% natural , bio degradable , for organic farming
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Future We're Building

We are building the nest generation organic farming
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Sustainable and Effective Solutions for Optimal Plant Growth

coco coir paprika growing

Coco Coir : Excellent drainage, aeration for containers. Low nutrients – supplement for optimal plant growth!


Give Your Plants the Best Yield with Coco coir

CVM Coir Substrates is your best coco coir supplier than others here’s how you benefit from using our Coco coir

  • Newer enzymatic retting processes can offer more control
  • Highlights eco-friendly aspect
  • Focuses on plant health

CVM Coir Substrates: Your Premier Choice for Coconut Coir

  • CVM Coco coir is ideal for a wide variety of applications, including container gardening, hydroponics, and soil amendment.

We are all over the world – Germany , India , Australia and More


We are unique in shipping Your Goods and We Require your feed back to improve our products

Having imported Coco coir from CVM Coir Substrates for around 10 years, we express our gratitude for maintaining a strong and fruitful business relationship. Thank you for your consistent quality and service.

Best regards, Emilie from South Korea

Thank you for delivering the coco coir to the United Kingdom on schedule, CVM Coir Substrates. We appreciate the high quality of the coco coir

it’s the best we’ve ever bought. Our clients are very happy with your product.


Every Dollar Invested in Us Yields the Best Organic Results

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