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CVM Coir Substrates: Your Best Choice for Buying Coconut Coir

Tomatto in coco coir peat

Coco peat: Excellent drainage, aeration for containers. Low nutrients – supplement for optimal plant growth!

Group Of Companies

We CVM Coir Substrates

22-Year Journey

We are since 22 years in coir industryservice world class products
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100% Natural

Our products , are 100% natural , bio degradable , for organic farming
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Future We're Building

We are building the nest generation organic farming
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Give Your Plants the Best Yield with Coconut coir

CVM Coir Substrates is your best Coconut coir supplier than others here’s how you benefit from using our Coconut coir

  • Newer enzymatic retting processes can offer more control
  • Highlights eco-friendly aspect
  • Focuses on plant health