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Coco coir bricks

Our Coconut Coir Bricks are make of 100% natural Coir dust and Compressed to 4.5 kg Bricks

Uses Of Coconut Coir Bricks

  • Potting Mix: Use alone or combine with perlite or compost.
  • Seed Starting: Excellent drainage and consistent moisture for germination.
  • Hydroponics: Popular growing medium for water-based systems.
  • Terrariums: Maintains moisture for thriving miniature ecosystems.
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How to Use Coco coir:

  1. Hydrate: Place coco coir in a container and add water about 20 liters and wait for about 30 minutes.
  2. Fluff & Aerate: Once hydrated, fluff the coco coir to break up clumps and ensure proper aeration whick about 70 liters.
  3. Use: Use alone or mix with other mediums according to your needs.

Wholesale Coco Coir Blocks Manufacturer

Premium Coconut Coir is supplied by wholesale coco coir blocks manufacturer at CVM Coir. Top quality, entirely natural coco coir substrates. Cocopeat is the best organic fertilizer and soil conditioner.

Due to its long-lasting, cost-effective product. We offer affordable blocks of coir production with top-notch raw materials. Moreover, for your bulk business, avail our variety of products including coir blocks, coir pith, and coconut coir soil. 

We employ cutting-edge processing methods to produce goods that satisfy the demands of farmers, gardeners, and landscapers. Rely on us for sourcing only the highest quality coco peat from our own farm and reliable suppliers. 

Come along with us as we work to safeguard the environment and advance sustainable agriculture. Moreover, get more products from coconut coir chips block suppliers at reasonable prices.

The Benefits of Coco Coir for Plants

  •         Sustainable and Biodegradable: Coco coir is an environmentally friendly option because it rots more slowly than regular peat moss.
  •         Weed-Free and Soil-Free: This product is naturally free of both weeds and soil, making gardening tidy and hassle-free. Wholesale coco coir blocks distributor has the effective and affordable coir blocks.
  •         Improved Soil Structure: By acting as a soil amendment, it improves the aeration and soil structure. Also, they are essential for the best possible root development for plants.
  •         Superior Water Retention: Coir works as a sponge to hold water in the root zone for a gradual plant uptake. Moreover, it has an impressive capacity to hold water.
  •         Balanced Water Drainage: This keeps plants well-hydrated while simultaneously eliminating surplus water and preventing waterlogging.
  •         Nutrient Retention: Although deficient in major nutrients, it helps hold important nutrients in the soil so that plants can access them more easily.

The wholesale coco coir blocks supplier makes them ideal for vegetation because they use modern technologies to remove dirt and contaminants. They help farmers in maintaining their vegetation because they are soil- and environmentally-friendly. 

Applications of Bulk Coco Coir 

The various uses of coco coir are evident whether your bulk business is caring for large outdoor gardens or indoor houseplants. It is a fantastic addition for indoor plants; use it to enhance potting mixes and provide the best possible water retention.

Use in garden beds to encourage strong root growth and keep the soil’s moisture content in check. In addition, to ensure a favorable environment for germination, prepare nutrient-rich seed-starting mixes.

Our coir blocks are ideal for combining with worm casts to create a final coir compost or for use as bedding when introducing worms to a wormery. The coir bricks are easy to handle and stay dry.

Coir blocks, which our wholesale coco coir blocks manufacturer produces from compressed coconut fibers. They are a very useful substitute for peat. Get good quality coco coir blocks from CVM Coir right away!

Buy Wholesale Coco Coir at Great Prices

Find anything your business is looking for right here at CVM Coir with wholesale coco coir blocks supplier! Get upgraded or new coco coir bricks right now. In addition, learn more about how buying in bulk can lower expenses while increasing productivity. 

CVM Coir offers an extensive selection of coco coir bricks and more, whether you’re looking to buy for your own production needs or to resell. Our prices are affordable and market-competitive, so your bulk clients can become loyal customers. 

With their unique features and affordable rates, the fresh and organic coconut coir manufacturer products at CVM Coir can be of great assistance to you. They are perfect for use in farming and a variety of vegetation types. 

These products are available from top coconut coir manufacturers, suppliers, and wholesale coco coir block distributors at competitive costs and with attractive discounts.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 30 cm
Compression Ratio


Electrical Conductivity

Low EC: < 0.5 ms/cm, High EC: > 0.5 ms/cm (1:1.5 v/v method)

pH Range

5.5 to 6.8

Total Organic Matter

97 – 99%

Moisture Content

15 – 18% (loose coco peat)

Expansion Volume

14-17 liters/kg

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