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Coconut coir chips block

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Leading Coconut Coir Chips Block Manufacturers

Looking for bulk Coco Coir chips at an affordable rate and high quality? coconut coir chips block manufacturers at CVM Coir are of top quality.

These are tiny chips made from crushed coconut husks and are useful for a variety of applications. Use them to control growing medium aeration and preserve the proper air-to-moisture ratio for plant roots. 

Add cocoa chips to potting soil or combine them with coco peat. Growers of orchids and anthuriums consider coco chips to be the best-growing medium. Also, combine them in various ratios with coco peat to control the growing medium’s moisture content and aeration.

Our wholesale company is the top Coconut Coir Chips Block Supplier of coconut coir chips. Bulk buyers can deal with us for bulk quantities and get quality products.

Premium Grade Coconut Coir Chips Block 

The outer layer of coconut fruit is coconut husk chips. Chopping dry coconut husk into smaller cubes makes coco husk chips. Our coco chip husks do not deteriorate for more than five years. 

This quality makes them more durable than bark. Moreover, it makes the planet Coco husk using sustainable natural resources. This is of top quality and reasonable prices. Moreover, buy a bulk shipment of coconut coir chips block and fulfill your business requirement.

To boost the air absorbency and water-retaining ability of coir peat, add our coco husk chips. The ability of coco husk chips to retain nutrients and drain well is exceptional. Also, coco husk retains moisture by absorbing up to ten times its weight in water.

Our coconut coir chips block supplier is always available to assist your bulk requirements for purchase of wholesale coir chips blocks.

Uses of Coconut Coir Chips Block 

An organic grow medium of coco husk chips is sustainable and friendly to the environment, unlike bark-based grow media. Chips consisting of coco husk are useful for landscaping, vertical gardens, and greenhouses.

In addition, for hydroponics, container gardens, planters, and self-watering pots, coco husk chip blocks are perfect. Moreover, coconut Coir Chips Block are affordable and effective to use as well. 

For all kinds of plants, coco husk chip blocks are ideas by coconut coir chips block supplier. This includes hydroponically grown fruits, flowers, vegetables, bonsai, cacti, orchids, roses, succulents, and mushrooms. Moreover, Chips made from coco husks can be used as an ornamental ground covering.

The ideal blend for tomatoes is a 50% coco husk/50% coco peat mixture, which has a satisfactory level of water and air retention. For berries and cucumbers, a 70% coco husk and 30% coco peat mixture work great.

For more information, you can ask for help from wholesale coco coir blocks manufacturers now.

Best Coconut Coir Chips Block Distributor

With our superior products, your bulk gardening business can enhance the experience and create a sustainable and flourishing garden. Our chips consist of premium coconut husks, and we carefully process them.

This guarantees maximum water retention and aeration, which promotes strong root development. Our Coconut Coir Chips are a natural, sustainable substitute for conventional substrates that are ideal for orchids, tropical plants, and other plants. 

Put your trust in coconut coir chips block distributor as your go-to source for Coconut Coir Chips for healthier, more abundant, and greener gardens. We offer affordable prices and quality production. 


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